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 The video poker machine is based on the five-card poker game. The objective of the game is to get a hand that offers the highest pay-out possible. Different hand types offer different pay-outs. These pay-outs are loosely based on the probability of getting the hand. Generally, the rarer the hand, the higher is its pay-out. The pay-out table which shows the pay-out for each type of hand is displayed at the top of the video poker screen. 2.To begin each round of play the player must make a bet. This bet is taken from the number of credits allocated to the player. After the bet is made, five cards aredealt to the player and are shown on the screen. The player then has the option of holding or discarding as many of these cards as he wants. The cards that he discardsare then replaced with new cards from the deck. This new hand represents the player's final hand. If the hand is good enough to be one of the pay-out hands, the number of credits allocated to the player will immediately be increased by the amount specified in the pay-out table. At this time the machine is waiting for the player to place his next bet to start the process over again.



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